Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Phra Kruba Kritsana Intawanno - Nam Man Thep Run Juan oil

This Nam Man Thep Run Juan Oil inside has one Takrut nad has been tied with magic spell by KB Kritsana.

This fragrant oil can help the owner to be admired, love and more attractive.

But in Asia, people believe this oil help them to strike Lottery, that why only earlier batch was highly demand in market.

The technique when you use this magic oil ,

please do this way :Make your mind calm.

Think of all your goodness that you have done.

Then chant “Namo" katha 3 times and follow with oil magic’s katha.

When you prayed already, use a ring finger touches oil and stroked the face, mouth and hair. While you are stroking make your mind calm down and focus, think of what you want to have.