Thursday, 20 August 2009

Orginal See Pheung Prai Thong by LP Sawat only

Something about of what u need to know 1st before......

The 1 & only "See Pheung Prai Thong" Wax was orginally created by "LP Sawat",

See Pheung Prai Thong is the top of wealth amulet.
Prai Thong which contains in See Pheung made from only child bone ashes who dead on Saturday and burned on Tuesday (known to be strongest).
LP Sawat had recited child soul until its became powerful Gumanthong.
LP Sawat "See Pheung" made from only chastity "See-Pheung".
What made so Special was buying over "See-Pheung" from only "virgin girl".

After, LP Sawat takes See-Pheung mix with
Nam Man Prai Nang Jan,
Pong Prai Guman and
mysterious wahn.
There are total of 9 kinds of holy materials which are very powerful in great kindness.
Wahn is digging only at midnight.
The making of this holy ceremony must have only Phor Poo Lersi.
Nobody is allow in this ceremony as was restricted.
Poo Lersi needs to use mental power and extremely concentration in this ceremony.
Firewood for making ceremony must only come from Rak tree, Mayom tree, Marum tree and Kanoon tree which believe in power.
LP Sawat had recited chanting this firewood before burning.
LP Sawat had chant 108 kinds of katha while making this ceremony.
LP Sawat had added 7-Saturday 7-Tuesday of special chanting for this ceremony.

This See Pheung is special prominent in luck and trading.
Prai Ka Sip can tell whether you are either lucky and danger for its owner and this See Pheung can bring great kindness to owner too.
儿童骨灰死在星期六, 烧在星期二。
龙婆实核 "Pheung" 由仅贞洁"做。什么做了,因此专辑购买" 处女"。
以后, 龙婆实核采取看见Pheung混合与 Nam Man Prai Nang Jan, 骨灰和 神奇wahn。
仪式:制造这圣洁仪式必须有仅Phor Poo Lersi。
Poo Lersi 在这仪式需要使用智力和极端集中。
可能分辨您是否是幸运的二者之一,并且它的所有者和此的危险看见Pheung可能给所有者也是带来巨大的帮助 。