Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wat Nang Gui - Mae TaKien Thong Spirit - Good for luck and lottery

Mae TaKien Thong Spirit
Mai TaKien a magical tree in this temple which history over 400 years.
Good for Luck, windfall luck and Wealth.
Many Thais come to this temple to worship Mai TaKien for luck and Lottery.
Bio of Mae Ta-Kien
She is a woman ghost who is a beautiful woman. She has long hair, wear Thai cloth. She lives in Ta-Kien tree.
Ta-Kien tree is an ancient tree. The age is over 500 hundred years. It looks terrify. Thais believe that there is Ta-Kien’s spirit inside this tree. She is a spirit who protects this tree. Before cutting this tree must do ceremony ask for permission. If nobody does this ceremony, person who cut this tree will meet with danger.
Mae-Takien spirit lives in Takien tree for a long time. She collected magical power for many years. Thus, she is so powerful about sex appeal.

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