Wednesday, 5 August 2009

LP Sawat - Wax 2 Nang Prai

Good for people who want 2 be love.

This Wax can help you to succeed in the love.

Way to use:
Before use, you should Sen (offering) at night with one incense stick.
The offering are: 1 lighted cigarettes, fresh pork and open up the lid of wax and
pray katha:

Sa ah ni so
sa ah ni sang
thu sa ni so
thu sa ni sang
khor chuen ma ha phoot
ma ha prai
ma rub kreung sen haiim num sum ran
mueim laew khor hai chuay hai sing thee ka pa jao tong garn

To carry on the body or make a wish as you want.

By Phra AJ Sawas Pumisaroo. Wat pasanudom , Ubolratchathani