Thursday, April 30, 2009

LP Thongpahn Charming See Peung NMP Wax (Wat Pa Si Satcha Sang Kha Ram)

Spirit wax made from the spirit that died while pregnant,
this spirit is quite powerful and lasts for a long time.
It is the strong and powerful spirit but it was controlled to be use for the purposes.
The wax that covers the spirit’s mouth is mixed with wahns, herbs & elephant oil is the most powerful wax.
Power: Attraction, charm, Luck and Saney.
The way to use:
You can use by anointing at the eyebrow and applying on the lips.
It will be better if you sanctify this wax by pray Katha for 11 times.
Then blow into the wax and apply to the one’s skin you like or love.
This will make this wax become more efficient.
You can anticipate for its benefit completely with its best charm.
A Ni So Sa Chi Che Ru Ni Chit Ti Phan Thang A Ku Sa Le Na Chit Te Ma Yang Pakang A Ni Sa So
A A Sa Ni Pi Ke Ma Tang Chit Tang Ma Na.