Thursday, April 30, 2009

LP Suwit - Skin of Yoni which the spirit that died while pregnant

This oil was received from the followers of Panjamien yogi that they gave to Luang Poo.
It was controlled, fixed the formula and name and mixed with spirit oil from the spirit that died while pregnant and charming oil herb.
This oil is well-known and available to use.
Panjamien yogi’s followers and the group of Dhamma yogi in the low area of Cambodia border in Ubonratchatani made the Cambodian spirit oil singe ceremony by bringing Yoni skin, abdominal surface skin, breast, the oil from chin and the belt powder to mix to sanctify and simmers it until the spirit was occurred.
It will be mixed and sanctified again and contained with charm to prevent it from deteriorating when it was used.
Therefore, this oil is powerful and sacred to use.
The way to use this charming oil
You can worship this oil with two boiled eggs or incense lighting.
If you are not comfortable to use the incense, you can peel the eggs, place them in the plate and place the water bottle to pray the magic spell before using it for auspicious time.
This spirit oil can bring charming from opposite sex. Luck, attraction and MahaSaney
According to LP Suwit:
This oil can be used by apply to the skin or the clothes of the one you need or mix it in the food or drink.
Pls Noted:
Do not let him or her know otherwise this oil will not work.
I U I I I U Ni Na Hi Lo ka Na Ma Mi
How to use:
Dip on your body a little or dipping in your beloved for plussing charming in you and your beloved loves to love you madly.