Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Basic info on what you wish to know about Ngungs

Phra Chai

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma - Sambuddhassa (3 times) 
Then lighten 1 incense stick and chant following incantation: 
"Om San Khon - Maha San Khon - Khan Muean Bai Bon - Nam Ja Haeng - Mueng Yah Luem Gu Noe - Oe Rak Sawa Hum Tit"

Thai believed Phra Chai a buddha amulet of victory and to Conquering and to defeat all enemy
remove your obstacles to ensure your success in everything you do ,as long as you always do good deeds and horoscope improvement change fro bad luck to good luck, and received helpful treatment and protection for worshipper  from harm , dark magic , danger,and bad influence

They can be easily identified with their straight Crown with wearing a Ga Sa , no red eye and look much alike to Angkor style or any other Buddha statue. 


Worship Ngung: 
1. Place Ngung statue/amulet separately from Buddha or monk images and lower than Buddha or monk image too. 
2. Regularly offer food and a glass of beer/whiskey. 
3. Light 1 joss stick and call Ngung spirit to eat the offerings. 
4. Pray 
"Ohm Laluay Mahah laluay Laluay nah Laluay lung Laluay tung in - prom Yommaraj ah - gaht theppayada Laluay tung maekongka ma suay kumkoo soo ong Suppasitsawaha" (x 1). 
Wear on waist or carry to anywhere in a lower position than a monk or Buddha amulet. 
Caution: Don't use Ngung for adultery and immorality absolutely. 

Phra Ngans are essentially mountain deities(山神)or Devas. They are consider as Yin Deity and on par with malay DJINN/ GENIE. They can be easily identified with their crowns tilting to either left or right side. They also have red eye which represent attraction to opposite ( The origins story is the Phra ngan are being buried with the soldier that died and their blood tainted the phra ngan which made them look evil. )

Ayutthaya phra ngan

A real ayutthaya phra ngan is at least 100 yrs old and above. It can be identify with old copper metal and the bottom which only contain soil is very hard and very light. The size of the Ngan is mostly around 3.5 inches and any bigger size is most likely a new ngan not a real ayutthaya phra ngan. To avoid being cheated, it is alway the best to meet the dealer face to face. Carry the Phra ngan ( It should be very light due to the soil inside had been dried up during the period in soil ) , secondly the oil should be very hard to scratch off and lastly knock on the bottom , mid and head part of the roop to detect any change of the knocking sound. If any part give off a hollow sound, it might not be real also.
What to take note before renting an PHRA NGAN
- Who is the maker except Ayuttha Ngan
- What ingredient is used to create the Phra ngan
- The praying instruction ( What to offer like example jasmine flower , raw egg , peanut. Etc )
- Alway ask for MP3 Katha if you are not good in Thai language. This is how you are going to bond with the PN and empower your own PN.

Do not anyhow rent a Phra ngan without knowing WHO is the maker. There are many cases of fb dealer selling unknown master. Cases of backfire usual occur because these so called maker are either inexperienced or fake master. 

( For Roop )
They stuff in cooking oil , animal bone and any other look alike to general stuff in barang PN.

( For Bucha )
As bucha is generally much more expensive, should go and meet the dealer personally to inspect the statue before making any decision. Unless you are ordering it from other country and the dealer is trustworthy

Basic ways to do offering will be

- Based on the maker instruction 
- A cup of Alcohol ( Hard liquor / Whiskey ) and a cup of clean water
* Those who treat Phra ngan/ Phra chai as buddha do not offer any alcohol.

- Betel leaves Betal Seeds with cigarette 
( Any Indian flower shop do provide )

- Jasmine flower or flowers

-  Lime 

- Incense 

- Green banana 

White or Yellow candles when offering 

- Raw egg
- Tout
- Green Manga 
- Green Guava 

- Non fully cooked meat

Recommended Day to offer will be on thursday night.
Do remember to chant katha also during the offering.

For those who pray non prai Phra ngan, 
You can also worship on Wed instead of thursday. 
( Based on personal preference )

How to bond?
Bonding : It is also important to share out your doubt and speak to the PN with respect. Do not demand nor order what is the thing you want. They are the entities to decide helping you out with your current problem or improving certain situation of your life like career , romance or luck. You can make a wish and if your wish is granted please do offering for them well. ( As a form of thank giving )

There are many ways to pray and offer to Phra ngan. However the best is to follow up with the maker or the dealer.

Please understand that praying to Phra ngan require a lifetime commitment. Do not rent for the sake of getting short term benefit. There are many stories of people who backfire which are due to wrong method of praying and offering as well as wish granted but not making merit for phra ngan. Praying to Phra ngan does not help devotee to escape from the wheel of karma. It is highly recommend everyone should do more research to keep such a strong barang PN.

Phra ngan have main two ID. 
Pure Devas type and spirit type
Pure Devas meaning is roop/buchas does not contain any human remain materials. 
Takruts and herbs are usually stuff inside.

While spirit type contain either chipped bones, cemetery soil etc embedded at the basement or inside the roop/ bucha. The culture of praying to Prai is based on the northern thai like chiang mai and chiang rai etc.

So logically, Pure Devas are consider real phra ngan themselves. For spirit type, the maker most of the time invite the spirit into the amulet empowering it. There could be case that the devas are also staying inside and ordering the prai to do the groundwork. 
( Apply to prai based Phra ngan )

One fine example will be ghost pidta. It contain ashes but the entity itself is still buddha just that there are more helping hands.

There is NO PROS AND CONS whether you getting Non prai Phra nang. Devas and Prai will only willing to help people with sincere heart. They can give you some sweet candy in the first place after renting them but if devotee do not make use of this blessing to generate the merit back to the phra ngan. They can choose to ignore you depending on your action.

Prai Ngan effect are usually faster as generally many people try their luck in lottery after renting a phra ngan. It could be a sale gimmick to boost sale for the dealer/ trader. Personally in my own opinion, phra ngan will automatically help you in your own situation. It could like granting you wish to get a job if you are jobless, help improve your relationship with people around like making enemy into friend in workplace, making yourself easier to be approachable by opposite sex. 

So to me, monetary gain itself especially in gambling is the least important. Please do not easily rent a phra ngan just because people on facebook are showing off winning money by gambling. Do research and find out that are these people dealers themselves or a real devotee.

Beside praying Barang what to look out for?

Anyone praying barang are recommend to pray mainstream buddha. Mainstream deities like typical chinese house , Guan yin ma, Fu de zheng shen, Guan gong. Why is it important? Sometime people may rent fake amulet or poorly made barang piece by unknown maker which may cause more harm to the owner and the people who the owner stayed with. Having buddha or mainstream deity can help to be the last protection for the owner.

If any owner house happen to be christian or worried family not happy with thai religion amulet can rent a small mainstream amulet like somdej, phra kring etc.

Lersi Sermingpai and Lersi Tafai

  People who have rented considerable amount of barang based amulet should rent either a lersi sermingpai or tafai as both lersi are in charge of the dead. In some school of thought, Lersi are considered as the direct supervisor of phra ngan. Some believe phra ngan itself are already a yin level deity. Regardless the ranking of the thai deities are not really that clear compared to tibet or chinese culture deities. Either way, keeping a lersi amulet can be use as extra precaution. After all, one should balanced out praying in Yin and Yang to achieve harmony. 

Conclusion : As information is not much clearly stated. There is indeed some rank hierarchy in thailand devas and deities. Some school mention Phra ngan itself have no supervisor and able to execute it own power while some mention Lersi is the direct supervisor of phra ngan. Whatever the result may bring, one should just pray sincerely to phra ngan with a sincere heart.

Placing Phra ngan.

-For those who pray Ayutta / devas type can place the along with mainstream as the offering for mainstream is the same.

- For those who place along with prai based PN, please ensure the devas type are placed on the higher ground because human spirit ranking is very low and haven really cultivate compared to devas type.

If you are not sure even reading through it. Just remember mainstream is highest then barang.


1- I do not know what the katha or lost it and unable to find it. How should I do?

Answer : You can just chant Namo tassa X3 to pay respect to the buddha.  Get any Phra ngan katha and used it if you have more than 1 PN. Certain School of thought forbid chanting Namo tassa.
Currently I have lersi Solot Phra ngan and many Pn that required me to chant Namo tassa thus to me, it is a must. I used 1 or 2 katha for all my Ngan despite each of them have their own unique katha. You dont have to recite all different katha everyday. 1 will do unless you feel it is time to change to another maker katha.

Certain katha only have a { OM } then follow by the katha. Do take note although generally most still have namo tassa to pay respect to the triple gem.

2- How do I wish for something?

Answer : After each offering session and praying then you shall tell Lord Pn nicely what is happening and what do you wish. If your wish is granted, how will you repay back. PN themselves will help you even if you have nothing to wish for. That is why people say protection, metta and saneh. It will affect you abit here and there which you wont feel the difference but it did happened.

3- I feel headache, giddy , light headed or experience some uneasiness after having my Pn.

Answer : Congra to you for being a sensitive person in energy, the aura from PN is trying to be in harmony with your energy field thus you may experience any of such symptoms. It is ok to have this feeling for few days but if this happen for more than a week. You may find your dealers for advice.

4- I pray for 1 week but dont feel anything different.

Answer : As mentioned, everything need time. Pray with faith and not based on your personal benefit. If your thought are based on benefit only, you will never taste the fruit of it.