Thursday, April 2, 2009

Archan Perm - In-Koo and Pa-Cha-Da

Magic In-Koo Pa-Cha-Da spirit with Charming Oil - especially in
Name: In-Koo, Pa-Cha-Da
From: Ajarn Perm Praidam, Bangkok
Material: - Oil of dead body from cemeteries.-
Many kind of charm miracle object plus the love in other sex with In-Koo from enamel.
Year: B.E. 2551 (C.E. 2008)
“In Koo”, Show a man and a woman hug together with magic Cambodian language.
On the back have a small bottle of magic oil.
Believe that “In Koo” by Ajarn Perm is especially powerful securing good fortune in business affairs and love to the owner.