Thursday, 2 April 2009

Archan Perm - PhaYaLungThong Mia Mak (A man has many wives and has not a problem)

Good relationships.

Khun Paen Song Grajok that means Khun Paen looks into the mirror

From: Ajarn Perm Praidam, Bangkok

Khun Paen is looking into the mirror and many beautiful women are sitting surround him.
On the back, have Bone and many magic materials.
Guman made from metal.

Year: B.E.2551 (C.E.2008)

Ceremony: AJ used Mahalaluay Visha to blessed this batch with full formula.
This amulet has power to help the owner good looking and all the time have person come to you.

About the amulet:
Praidam is hot now even though the economics crisis, there are many people go to rent for Metta Mahasaney.

Everyone brings to help himself with money, stable in career and family.