Thursday, 2 April 2009

Archan Perm - Phor Ngung / mae per spirits ( Especially in love ).

Phor Ngung spirit - Especially in love.

Name: Phor Ngung is known as magical charming that could bring luck and help the owner to be admired and love

From: Ajarn Perm Praidam, Bangkok

Material: Nue Phong Arthan Mahasane.

Year: B.E. 2551 (C.E. 2008)

A man is sitting spread out a leg with Yan script around him.
This Yan script is known as magical thing that has super power to help owner to be lucky in love
It was believed that, this spirit will help them be lucky in love, charm, give them strength to be brave and good relationship
The method for keep or place Phor Ngung:
The owner can hang this spirit with key ring.

Amulet story:
Sacred in kind and Meta Mahaniyom by 5 times of pluk sek from the well-known abbot not less than 45 oonks and doctors from the ordinary man pluk sek in kind and meta thikhun , it isn’t black magic and there is no harm in use.
You must direct Katha for using with same and different sexes.
Katha for Phor Ngung:
E ti Ren Kai
Ba Chart Da
He Mak He Mak
He Ma Ha Hui Na
Na Doll Loh He Na
Na Ha Ta Ni
Katha for Mae Per:
E Ti Yo Ni
Ren Mak Ren Ma
Ren Mak Ha He Na
Na He Ohm kui Na
Sa Wa Ha