Thursday, 30 April 2009

Archan ThongTang - Si Phueng NMP Kru Yai (spirits lip wax)

Made from Oil of dead body from cemetery & Spirit wax.
this magic lip wax can bring great charming with opposite sex.
it can help great kindness for the owner.
Things that MUST NOT do:
1. Don’t place higher than Buddha amulets
2. Don’t offer raw meat.
3. Don’t use touch you lip.
4. Don’t bring to cremation.
5. Don’t eat this wax.

Things that need to Do:
1. Wash your face and hand
2. Light 10 incenses stick
3. Light 1 incense stick pitch that outdoor or flowerpot and think of spirit in this lip wax.
4. Light 9 incense sticks and thinks of Buddha, Dharma and Buddhist priest.
You must pray to apologies about to use wrong amulet.
At now I know a correct way to use.
I will practice to follow.
The power of spirit in this amulet will show.

How to use spirit lip wax:
1. The owner has to begin carry the spirit lip wax on Tuesday or Saturday
Tuesday on this week and Tuesday on next week.
Saturday on this week and Saturday on next week.
because Tuesday or Saturday are a good day and have many power.
“this way makes spirit inside the lip wax remember the owner.
2. If you meet a person who likes:
You can use this spirit lip wax by daub up to cloth or body that person.

Pleased pray
Itthi Yo Kan Tha Na Cha To E Hi Wa Ta Ma Kha Ta Mang.
think of Phro Kru Phrom SutTho (which is Archan ThongTang’s guru master) and Poo Jow SaMing Prai.