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Siam Mao Archan Pee 暹茅威令 - 80's Corpse Coin ( Spirit cross road money ) 过路钱

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Archan pee 暹茅威令 - Wild spirits bone

Wild Spirits Bone

Remove base person, villian, protection, and also known to assist the spirits power of KMT and Lukkok, Hoonprayong.

Wu Ya Pi Ti Yo

去除恶棍,保护, 并且协助KMT和Lukkok, Hoonprayong的精神力量。

Pic of Archan Mo Gui



Om Krīm Kālyai namaḥ ,
Om Kapālinaye Namah,
Om Hrim Shrim Krim Parameshvari Kalike Svaha
Not to be confused with Kali (demon),
the personification of Kali Yuga
More info pls click below URL.

Siam Mao Archan Pee 暹茅威令 - Wealth Yant (black warrior wealth yant)

Increase in luck and wealth and a steady sail of luck in life and place in wallet or handbag to attract money by gently hit the yant 3 times and chant / call Black Warrior help to bring in good luck and let me gain victory.

An Ya Su Dang Ka
唵 呀 速 当 卡
X 3


LP Kui - Ee Per amulets

A Hit Chit Tang
Pa Ka Ni Mae Ma Ni So

Lersi amulets

Shift our view in life on will and positive mindset.

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Katha for Salika birds - sweeet talk begins

People believe that a pair of “Salika” birds amulet is often associated with love, attraction of opposite sexes and good relationships.
The sweet talker being able to charm his companion or hosts.
Ohm Sa Nay Ma Ha Sa Nay
Ohm Na Met Tar-Ma Ha Met Tar
Ohm Na Met Tar
Tava Jit Tar
Mi Put Toh
Toh Bu Toh MI

Importance for Collectors, u need to know the truth for KB Kritsana item

Some Sharing from Sellers & collector:

There are many Kruba Kritsana’s amulet style in Thai market.

Most of amulets was not personally make and paint by him.

This is because some disciples request for making his amulets.

As a result, there are many amulets selling at very cheap price or some even in very high price.

But what we gain & what is Lost is not only money, perhap.

“Fake Amulet”

Pls don’t wear the fake amulet because it might reduces your personal power and enhance negative impact to our life.

Er Ke Fong


Jek Sim Ai kiew
Na Mo Tai Sue
Tai Pui Lieng Miang
Jeng Sae Yee Go Hong
Chai Seung Yee Go Hong
Po Sak Sue Oow Gim Ngeng Tai Po
Po Jang Chai Ko
Sue Gao Oow Gae Lai
Gao Oow Gae Lai
Aek Jit Khor Wing Worn Na Mo Metta
GaRuNa Choke Lab Wassana
BaRaMee Phor Poo Chao Yee Go Hong
Prod Pra Tan Ngern Thong
Choke Lab Gaew Hwan Rattana Manee
PraTan Khumm Sap Lam Ka Soo Ruen Ka Noi

Chant for 3, 5 or 7 times

Old Forest Archan "Great Charming yant"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

LP Ding

Great Mahasanay (Great Charming) ***

Great Kindness about Trading
(Superb Charming)

LP Moon - Yants clothes

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jing Jok Kiew Maha Saney (Sakyant)

Jing Jok Kiew Maha Saney is used in luck, Mahasaney

Bring Metta(Great Kindness) about Trading
Mahasanay (Great Charming)
Superb Money and Wealth

Anyone found two tails of lizard or built to three lizards accompanied to be a magical drawing ,
it was to be good for best sellers, good charming for the ordinary men.
The one, who had not a couple, will have.
Worshipping every day & night, U will receive good lucks and money.

Katha 1:


Ji Ji Ju Ju

Mu Tu Wa

Jung Mu Tu Jit Tang

Pi Yung Ma Ma.

Katha 2:


Ji Ji Ju Ju

Ma Ni Ma

Ju Ju Ji Ji

Ma Ni Ma

Katha 3:
(For Luck)

Su Nak Khat Tang

Su Mang Kha Lung

Su Pa Pha Sang Su

And then make a wish.
When you are playing , may be a card-game , you should listen how many times the lizard cries for an example; if it cries one time , choose one while you are playing. If you are winning, you don’t add anymore and don’t have anyone being on your back. Lay small sticks besides you and don’t have anyone going into the stick. While you are playing, don’t talk to anyone. It’s amazing.

If you want to win Lottery, you should clean your body and sit in front of the amulets, bringing lizard into a silver cup (Khunsamrit), full of water.
After that bring one baht weight of a candle attached to the sumrit cup without lighting.
Then pray:
until the end of
Later, pray Accumulated Angel (Chumnum Dhevadha) from
Sak Ke Ga Me
until the end.
After that bringing Bhodsuad (pray) and meditation come to your soul and:
I will pray the numbers of lottery numbers and bring them into my soul.
After that, lighting the candle that lie on the Khunsamrit and then pray by reciting:
Ra Cho Ha Ra Nang Ra Chang Ha Ra Ti
Pray until the soul is meditated ,
you will see the numbers occur in your eyes.
If there are no numbers, bring Khatha Phraphutthachao Pirdlok by:
Lo Ka Wi Too
If there still no number occurred, look at candle tears and you will see.

LP Tad - Khu Pean (Nue Nawa Loha)

和合术 Reconciled spell

Thursday, February 19, 2009

About Chinnabanchon

Chinnabanchon Katha
One of the most famous praying Katha of Thai.
This Katha was composed by Lanna monk
This Katha is an important Katha since Ayudhya period.
This Katha was later improved by Somdej Toh.
Somdej Toh was the 5th Somdej Phra Buddhacharn of Rattanakosin period.
This Katha can easily be found in Myanmar and Sri LangKa.
To pray Chinnabanchon Katha:

You should start to pray on Thursday
with 3 color flowers / 9 lotuses o/ jasmine necklace.
3, 5 or 9 incenses and
2 candles.
Recall for Buddhist 3 Gems.
Start with:

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma-Sambuddhassa
Cha Ya Sa Na Ka Ta
Phut Ta
Chay Ta Wa
Ma Lung
Sa Wa Ha Nung
Ja Tu Sat Ja Sa Pung
Ra Sung
Ya Pi Wing Su
Na Ra Sa Pa
Tun Hung Ga Ra Ta Yo Phut Ta
Ut Ta We Sa Ti
Na Ya Ga Sap Pay
Pa Tid Ti Ta
Mai Hung
Mut Ta Gay Tay
Mu Nis Sa Ra
See Say
Pa Tid Ti Toh
Mai Hung
Phut To
Thum Mo
Tha Wi Lo Ja Nay Sung Ko
Pa Tid Ti Toh
Mai Hung
SapPa Ku Na Ga Ro
Ha Ta Ya
A-Nu Rut To
Sa Ree Put Toh
Tak Ki Nay Kone Tun Yo
Pid Ti Pa Kut Sa Ming
Moke Kul La No
Wa Ma Gay
Tak Ki Nay
Sa Wa Nay
Mai Hung
Ar Sung
Ar Nan Ta Ra Hu Lo Gut Sa Po
Ma Ha Na Mo
U-Pa Sung
Wa Ma So Ta Gay
Gay Sun Tay
Pi Tid Pa Kut Sa Ming
Su Ri Yo
Pa Pung Ga Ro Ni Sin No
Si Ri Sam Pan No
So Pi Toh
Mu Ni Pung Ka Wo
Gu Ma Ra Gut Sa Po
Tay Ro
Ma Hay See
Jit Ta Wa Ta Go So Mai Hung
Wa Ta Nay Nit Jung
Pa Tid Tha Si
Ku Na Ga Ro
Pun No
Ung Ku Li Ma Lo
U-Pa Lee
Nan Ta See Wa Lee Tay Ra
Pun Ja
Cha Ta
Na La Tay
Tee La Ga
Ma Ma
Say Sa See Ti
Ma Ha Tay Ra
Wi Chi Ta
Chi Na Sa Wa Ga
A-Tay See Ti
Ma Ha Tay Ra
Chi Ta Wan Toh
Chi No Ra Sa Cha Lun Ta See La Tay Chay Na
Ung Ka Mung Kay Su
San Ti Ta
Ra Ta Nung
Pu Ra Toh
Ar Si
Tak Ki Nay
Met Ta Sut Ta Gung Tha Chut Kung
Put Cha Toh
Ar Si
Wa May
Ung Ku Li Ma La Gung
Kun Ta Mo Ra Pa Rit Tun Ja
Ar Ta Na Ti Ya Sut Ta Gung Ar Ga Say
Cha Ta Nung Ar Si
Say Sa
Pa Ga Ra Sun Thi Ta
Chin Na Na
Wa Ra Sung Yut Ta
Sat Ta Pa Ga Ra Lung Ga Ta Wa Ta Pid Ta Ti Sun Cha Ta
Pa Hi Rut Chut Tu Put Ta Wa
A-Say Sa
Wi Na Young
Yun Tu
A-Nan Ta Chi Na Tay Cha Sa Wa Sa Toh
Sa Kit Jay Na
Sa Tha
Sam Phut Ta Pun Cha Ray
Chi Na Pun Cha Ra Mut Chum Hi
Wi Ha Run Tung
Ma Hi Ta Lay Sa Ta
Pa Lane
Tu Mung
Ma Ha Pu Ri Sa Sa Pa
It Jay Wa Mon Toh
Su Kut Toh
Su Rak Ko Chi Na Nu Pa Way Na
Chi Tu Put Ta Wo Thum Ma Nu Pa Way Na
Chi Ta Ri Sung KoS ung Ka Nu Pa Way Na
Chi Tun Ta Ra Yo Sut Thum Ma Nu Pa Wa Pa Ri Toh
Chi Na Pun Cha Ray Ti

katha for Your birthday ,Your individual Buddha

Ta Wai Net
Birthday fall on Sunday & Monday
U Tay Ta Yat
Jak Ku Ma A Ka
Ra Cha Ha Ris Sa Wan
No Pa Ta Wip
Pa Pa So Tang
Tang Na Ma Sa Mi.

Sai Yat
Birthday fall on Tuesday
Ya Sa Nu
Pa Wa Toh
Yak Kha
Nay Wa
Tas Sen Thi
Ping Sa Nang
Yam Hi
Jay Wa Nu Yun Chan Toh
Rat Tin Ti Wa Ma Tan Ti Toh
Su Khang
Su Pa Ti
Sut To
Ja Pa Pang
Kid Ji Na
Pas Sa Ti
A Wa Ma Thi
Ku Noo Pay Tang
Pa Rit Tan
Tam Pa Na Ma Say

Oom Bath
Birthday fall on Wednesday
Sappa See Wa Cha Tee Nang
Tip Pa Man Tra Ta Kang
Yan Na Say Ti
Vi Sang Ko Rang
Say San Ja Pi
Pa Ris Sa Yang
A Nak Ket Tam Hi
Sap Pat Ta
Sap Pa Ta
Sap Pa Pa Ni Nang
Sap Pa So Pi
Ni Wa Ray Ti
Pa Rit Tan
Tam Pa Na Ma Say

Sa Ma Thi
Birthday fall on Thursday
Poo Rain Tam
Po Thi Sam Pa Ray
Nip Pat Tang
Moh Ra Yo Ni Yang
Wi Hi Ta Rak Khang
Ma Ha Sat Tang
Wa Nay Ja Ra
Ji Ras Sang
Wa Ya Man Ta Pi
Nay Wa
Sak Khing Su
Kan Hi Tung

Ram Phueng
Birthday fall on Friday
Ap Pa San Nay Hi
Na Tas Sa
Sa Sa Nay
Sa Thu
Sam Ma Tay
A Ma Nus Nay Hi
Jan Dhay Hi
Sa Taa
Kip Pi Sa Ga Ri Pi
Pa Ri Sa Nan Ja
Tas San Nang
Ma Hing Sa
Ya Ja Kut Ti Ya
Yan Tay Say Hi
Ma Ha Vee Ro
Pa Rit Tan Tam Pa Na
Ma Hay

Nak Prok
Birthday fall on Saturday
Ya Toh Hang
Pa Ki Ni
A Ri Ya Ya
Cha Ti Ya
Cha Toh
Na Pi Cha Na Mi
San Jit Ja
Pa Nang
Chee Wi Ta
Vo Ro Pay Ta
Ten Saj Jay Na
Sot Thi Tay Ho Tu
Cup Pas Sa

Way to worship:
Chant katha daily.
U may place your birth Buddha image on the head of bed.
In Thai, some devotee wrote their names on the back of their birth buddhas and place them in temple as believe that will support good fortune, lucky and prosperity.

Katha to improve luck- When Down of Luck, How. 运程低,如何是好。

Once in a while,
we all will face doing things unsmoothly or our luck is on the downside,
What can we do?
Rent / Purchase an amulet to solve?

Ignore it / Accept the fact?
Do something to help?

Here is a simple method being taught:
What u need is prepare:
7 type of flowers
1 thai lemon cut into 3 slices and remove the both ends
a brand new pail
best with a bottle of mineral water
and chant
Na Mo Put Ta Ya
Na Soon
Mo Soon
Put Soon
Ta Soon
Ya Soon

Na mo Me Sa Pa De Wa Nam
Sa Pa Ka La Ha Ja De Wa Nam
Su Li Yang Ja Ba Mu Ja Da Sa
Si Pu Mo Ja De Wa Nam
Puto La Pan Bawi Sa Ti
Ji Wo Su Ke Lo Ja
Ma Ha La Ba Sa Pa Du Gam Sat
Pa Ba Yam Sa Pa Lo
Kam Wi Na Sa Ti La Ka Na
Ah Hang Wa Pa Mi San Ba Da
Sa Pek De Wa Pa Mi San Ba Da
Sa Pek De Wa Na Pa La Yang Tu Sa
Pa Ta A De Na Ma Ga La De Ja Na
Sa Pa So Ti Pat Wan Du Mie

and slowly pour water down from head to toe.

Pls noted that do not use hands to pick with the items on the ground after shower and
pls get a new towel if possible but dont.

Believe it or not, its works.
Any sharing u wishes to contribute in my humbleness blog,

不说你不知 (人缘膏)Material used for charming wax

In older days in thai, charming wax making process is not simple and the price for the item is not X. So when people came across these type of stuffs will either scare off or found that it was useless compare to amulets.
So, some sharing over here,
In past, there are a few ways to make this type of wax and below are some of the famous items in use:

1. Bee wax, till now still popular in use by archan or LP.

2. Oil obtain for female corpse chin. ( this is a history now as most archan will BBQ the whole body but the ancient way is to chant till the corpse will be able to sit up in the coffin and then use candle slowly burn the chin till the oil flown down to the neck area then obtain the oil and now not in use due to maybe by the time the oil was obtain, the obtainer was already been arrest.
So nowadays, NMP were mostly bought from high archans or places from cambodia, hospital, mortuary.

3. Midnite in forest, waiting patiently for squirrels to mate and use sharp stick to kill them when at mating and BBQ them and obtain their oil. Now is very rare in market.

4. Wahns: plants, herbs, perfume, ashes, insects, flowers, tears from animals, this are the most common ones in market.

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Method of setting your own altar

The method of setting altar

The altar table should be placed in the east or north.

The highest table is in the middle to place principle Buddha.
The other table arranged tier by tier to place oblation.

Some of amulets can place on altar table.
It should be amulets such as cloth with magic and small amulets.
The amulet that need to be placed lower than Buddha altar is Guman Thong.

An oblation on altar table is a beautiful art.
The main oblations consist of incense, candle and flower.
Also, the other oblations are beautiful decorations
It is necessary to do good decoration for altar table.
Each of oblations has different meanings such as Birthday incense that can support fortune and bring good luck.
The color of oblation also support fortune.
For example, gold color means prosperity and silver color means richness.

The altar table should be look strong.
Believe that strong altar table lead to secure life.

It is a must to clean altar table and any oblations regularly.
The result of cleaning altar table is like cleaning mind.


The Bio of Mae Per

Mae Per’s history:

This amulet has been made for a long time.
There is no evidence about exact time of first making.
Mae Per is one of charming magic.
Person who can make this amulet must have high level of magical knowledge.

Have you heard about this amulet before?

Why do they make this amulet?

Mae Per means female (mother).
This amulet has a symbol of mother spread leg out.
This manner shows born a child and easy birth.

In Thai amulet,
Mae Pur symbolizes woman and
Palad khik symbolizes man.
Both represent balance as same as Yin-Yang of China.

Mae Pur and Palad khik are a strong symbol of luck, love and wealth. Top, power of this amulet is about attracting opposite sex.
Na Met Ta Mo
Ga Ru Na
Put Pra Nee
Tha Yin Dee
Ya En Doo
Na Mo Put Ta Ya
Na Ma A U
每Mae :
这护身符长期被做了。 没有关于首先做的确切的时期的证据。
每女性手段的Mae (母亲)。
在泰国护身符, Mae Pur象征妇女和 Palad khik象征人。
Mae Pur和Palad khik是运气的一个强的标志,爱和财富。

Kruba Waroot - Phra Khun Paen Prai Chang Klong

On the front presented Phra Khun Paen is sitting on the three-headed elephant of the god Indra with Wahn.

On the back Kruba Waroot put “Pong Ma Ha Poo Dum” powder and spells wax with Yahn Script by himself.
As this is the last version of his materpiece.
He uses all materials he collects for whole life.
Very powerful!
Kruba Waroot has been making and blessed properly piece by piece by more than one year.
The materials used were:
“Pong Ma Ha Poo Dum” powder.
(This powder is known as magical thing that has super power protecting from bad things and evil. )
Spell oil
Spell powder
Powder from gem
Wahn of “Ma Ta”
Spell wax
All of materials are known as magical thing that has super power of charm and securing good fortune in luck.
His amulets is especially powerful in protect the owner from danger and evil forces.
Regarding to Phra Khun Paen “Prai Chang Klong amulet, Kruba Waroot dreamed about his Arjarn “Taan Phor Nahn” who die long time ago. This Arjarn has knowledge of Visha (Magic) to exorcise and was the first person who created style of this Phra Khun Paen. He comes to tell Kruba Waroot to create this amulet as last version before stop making of Phra Khun Paen amulet anymore. Regarding to Kruba Waroot, this amulet has super power securing good fortune in business affairs to the owner and add charming to wears.

Kruba Waroot has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. He learnt from Kruba Ta as well as studied magic from PauNoiPun who has knowledge of Visha (magic) to exorcise. Also, Kruba Waroot has been studied the art of making efficacious amulets and magic candle from Phra Arjan Su-Wun who is knowledge of Visha that had come from Lahn-Na (name is old city of Siam, north of Thailand). Kruba Waroot of Wat PongWaNaRarm, Chiang Mai province is well-known among amulet collectors nowadays.
Om - sa - jit
Ma - mud - jit
Sa - pa - jit
Pan - ta - nung
Buddho - jit - ti
Dhammo - Jit - tung
Sangko - Jit - ti
Ma - a - oo
Pra - paai
Jaao - hoie
Jung - pat - pa - ao - jit
Ma - soo - kaa
Sa - hu - la
Sa - pa - ji - no
A - ro - jay - mi
在被提出的前面Phra Khun Paen坐神Indra的三朝向的大象与Wahn的。
在后面Kruba被投入的Waroot上“Pong Ma Ha Poo Dum”搽粉和与Yahn剧本的咒语蜡他自己。
非常强有力! Kruba Waroot做和逐渐适当地保佑在超过一年之前。
用于的材料是: “Pong Ma Ha Poo Dum”粉末。
(这粒粉末叫作有超级大国保护免受坏事和罪恶的不可思议的事。 )
咒语油咒语粉末从宝石的粉末 Wahn “Ma Ta” 咒语蜡所有材料叫作有魅力和获取好运的超级大国在运气的不可思议的事。
看待对Phra Khun Paen “Prai Chang Klong护身符, Kruba Waroot作梦关于他的Arjarn “Taan Phor Nahn”谁死很长时间前。
这Arjarn有驱逐的知识Visha (魔术)并且是创造这Phra Khun Paen样式的第一个人。
他来告诉Kruba Waroot最后创造这护身符作为版本在再做Phra Khun Paen护身符的中止之前。 看待对Kruba Waroot,这护身符有超级大国绑好运在企业事务到所有者上并且增加迷住对佩带。 Kruba Waroot是留心的集中的专家用佛教方式。
他从Kruba Ta学会了并且从有驱逐的知识Visha的PauNoiPun的被学习的魔术(魔术)。
并且, Kruba Waroot被学习了做有效护身符和不可思议的蜡烛艺术由是Visha知识来自LahnNa的Phra Arjan SuWun (名字是老市泰国,泰国的北部)。
Kruba Wat PongWaNaRarm,
Chiang Mai省Waroot在护身符收藏家之中现今是知名的。

Friday, February 6, 2009

Siam Mao 暹茅猛令 - doorway Triple Luck (云南特制米沙助家宅三旺)

Yunnan special mix of rice, sands and other special holy materials for bringing triple lucks from four direction to your doorway.

Best to use:
2nd day of New moon & 2nd day of Full month, night time sprinkle some the powder on your doorway with 7 joss sticks and chant katha will increase and garner fortunes for a bountiful influx of wealth, boost luck and win benefactor.

Sa Tong Gu Ha Da



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Siam mao 暹茅威令 - Special Fascinated charming oil (催魂/催情油)

Enhance to mesmerise on your appearance.
This oil are special mix with Yunnan Gu the most secrecy ingredients which passed down by generation to Mao.
Which this special sacred oil perform a miracle of fascinate ones with his/her look.
Ingredients charming Wahns, herds with many holy materials, centipedes, legendary venomous insect / worms which Yunnan black magic is most popular of.
ways to use this holy oil:
Pray Katha and worship to the Archan,
and then beginning with dip the oil apply / paint center of your forehead and then end on the chin before going out or meeting someone important/special.
Xi Fa Kong Da Na Chi You Zhen Jia Ren Yuan
(如告诉: 这油不包含任何精神或毒物。

Siam Mao Archan Pee - 暹茅威令 love Potion (Charms / fascinated by / crazy over u) 催魂/催情粉

This powder are special mix with Yunnan Gu the most secrecy ingredients which passed down by generation to Mao.
This special sacred powder perform a miracle of fascinate ones with his/her appearance or to charm someone for love / sex which a miracle to perplex someone to fall in love, captivated or fascinated about you.
Ingredients charming Wahns, herds with many holy materials, centipedes, legendary venomous insect / worms which Yunnan black magic is most popular of.
Archan said that this powder doesnt contain any spirits.
It is 100% safe to apply or mix with food but dont overconsume, and you will sure be amazed by the miracle.
How & ways to use this holy powder:
Pray Katha and worship to the Archan, and then beginning with apply the powder on oneself or added / mix a bit of power into foods or drinks for others.
For male:
Beginning apply center of your eye brown, center of upper lips, follow by chin, then right of cheeks and end on the left cheeks before going out or meeting someone important/special.
For Female:
Beginning apply center of eye brown, center of upper lips then lower lips, center of neck and end on nose.
Kan La Du Hui Ohm
云南蛊专用密制蜈蚣蠱粉来着迷, 催情, 催爱, 增加人缘, 好感和迷惑人心。
将粉先点在1.双眉中,接下点在2.嘴唇上方, 3.下巴,4.右脸颊和5. 左脸颊 。
将粉先点在1.双眉中, 接下点在2.鼻和嘴唇中, 3.下巴, 4. 颈部和5.鼻子。
看 拉 都 华 嗡

Siam Mao - 暹茅威令 9 tukkuts ( 9 predestined relationship ) 九缘

Archan use the method of Yunnan Gu to make this special tukkut.
This tukkut is combine of nine tukkut small tukkuts together, specially made from ancient Yunnan Magic for 9 in 1.
9 in 1 mean bringing 9 predestined relationship luck into 1.

human popularity relationship, love, conciled, business, opp sex, harmony, work, gamble & family.


Su Su Ma Sui

Wu Ya San Ba Gu



LP Kui - Yant Khun Paen & Yant Khun Chang

Yant Khun Paen Maha Saney (Charming)

Yant Khun Chang Maha Set Tee (Millionaire)

There are Mah See Mok (horse), Hing Prai, Hoon Phayon and Dab Fa Fuen (sword) in Yant “Khun Paen San Saney” (charming) for Metta Mahaniyom (kindness). While Yant “Khun Chang” is a millionaire, wealthy forever.

"Khun Chang Khun Paen" has been built for a long time since Ayuthya period.

"Khun Paen" Kru, Ban Krang, Kru Wat Yai Chaimonkon.

LP knew the way to build Phra Khun Paen and Phra Phor Khun Chang according to the masters of LP and LP recognized that if I wanted to build Metta Mahasaney (kindness) and made Khun Chang as a millionaire that can call luck and property indeed,
LP had to written alphabets in magic in every letter.
LP made a calling mental ceremony into Yant, so it had power as Hong Prai that can used Guman Thong and added the five supporters to make him strong and good at, that are, Hoon Phayon (can die for me), Hong Prai (whisper when it is in danger), Guman Thong (can help you in every matter), Mah See Mok (fluently and have a win), Dab Fa Fuen (the magical weapon that can conquer the black magic and ghosts).
While, Yant Phor Khun Chang, LP gave it to be the King of assets.
Khun Chang was born on a good time; he will not be scarce, or poor.
The God will come to help him rich all the way.
Even the assets are disappearing only a little, the God will refill to him immediately.

Namo tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma-sambuddhassa

A Hi Ma Ma Na Mo Buddha Ya Na Ma Pa Ta

LP Nen Kampeero - Lersi

LP Nen Kampeero
the best of the first recipe of Salika Pak Dee, the first source of South-eastern part.

Nue Samrit Pid Thong Paint See (Num Lerk) with 3 Gold , Silver & copper tukkuts.