Thursday, February 19, 2009

Katha to improve luck- When Down of Luck, How. 运程低,如何是好。

Once in a while,
we all will face doing things unsmoothly or our luck is on the downside,
What can we do?
Rent / Purchase an amulet to solve?

Ignore it / Accept the fact?
Do something to help?

Here is a simple method being taught:
What u need is prepare:
7 type of flowers
1 thai lemon cut into 3 slices and remove the both ends
a brand new pail
best with a bottle of mineral water
and chant
Na Mo Put Ta Ya
Na Soon
Mo Soon
Put Soon
Ta Soon
Ya Soon

Na mo Me Sa Pa De Wa Nam
Sa Pa Ka La Ha Ja De Wa Nam
Su Li Yang Ja Ba Mu Ja Da Sa
Si Pu Mo Ja De Wa Nam
Puto La Pan Bawi Sa Ti
Ji Wo Su Ke Lo Ja
Ma Ha La Ba Sa Pa Du Gam Sat
Pa Ba Yam Sa Pa Lo
Kam Wi Na Sa Ti La Ka Na
Ah Hang Wa Pa Mi San Ba Da
Sa Pek De Wa Pa Mi San Ba Da
Sa Pek De Wa Na Pa La Yang Tu Sa
Pa Ta A De Na Ma Ga La De Ja Na
Sa Pa So Ti Pat Wan Du Mie

and slowly pour water down from head to toe.

Pls noted that do not use hands to pick with the items on the ground after shower and
pls get a new towel if possible but dont.

Believe it or not, its works.
Any sharing u wishes to contribute in my humbleness blog,