Thursday, 5 February 2009

LP Watchara Pha Yant Thao Wes Suwan, Nue Kummayee

The miracle object “Thao Wes Suwan” the God of Ghosts, Gems in the land.
Thao Wes Suwan is the God of assets, full of money and keep the treasure of ancient earth, and many important places. As in the legend tells that Thao Wes Suwan is praying and receives a wish from Phra Isuan and Phra Phrom to be a millionaire God. Besides, Thao Wes Suwan is a guard of Buddhism and if the one want to have a lot of money, you should worship Thao Wes Suwan or Thao Guwen.
奇迹对象“Thao Wes Suwan”鬼王,宝石的上帝在土地。
Thao Wes Suwan是财产的上帝,有很多金钱并且保留古老地球珍宝和许多重要地方。
在传奇告诉Thao Wes Suwan祈祷并且从Phra Isuan和Phra Phrom接受愿望是百万富翁上帝。
其外, Thao Wes Suwan是佛教卫兵,并且,如果那个想要有很多金钱,您应该崇拜Thao Wes Suwan或Thao Guwen。