Friday, 20 February 2009

Jing Jok Kiew Maha Saney (Sakyant)

Jing Jok Kiew Maha Saney is used in luck, Mahasaney

Bring Metta(Great Kindness) about Trading
Mahasanay (Great Charming)
Superb Money and Wealth

Anyone found two tails of lizard or built to three lizards accompanied to be a magical drawing ,
it was to be good for best sellers, good charming for the ordinary men.
The one, who had not a couple, will have.
Worshipping every day & night, U will receive good lucks and money.

Katha 1:


Ji Ji Ju Ju

Mu Tu Wa

Jung Mu Tu Jit Tang

Pi Yung Ma Ma.

Katha 2:


Ji Ji Ju Ju

Ma Ni Ma

Ju Ju Ji Ji

Ma Ni Ma

Katha 3:
(For Luck)

Su Nak Khat Tang

Su Mang Kha Lung

Su Pa Pha Sang Su

And then make a wish.
When you are playing , may be a card-game , you should listen how many times the lizard cries for an example; if it cries one time , choose one while you are playing. If you are winning, you don’t add anymore and don’t have anyone being on your back. Lay small sticks besides you and don’t have anyone going into the stick. While you are playing, don’t talk to anyone. It’s amazing.

If you want to win Lottery, you should clean your body and sit in front of the amulets, bringing lizard into a silver cup (Khunsamrit), full of water.
After that bring one baht weight of a candle attached to the sumrit cup without lighting.
Then pray:
until the end of
Later, pray Accumulated Angel (Chumnum Dhevadha) from
Sak Ke Ga Me
until the end.
After that bringing Bhodsuad (pray) and meditation come to your soul and:
I will pray the numbers of lottery numbers and bring them into my soul.
After that, lighting the candle that lie on the Khunsamrit and then pray by reciting:
Ra Cho Ha Ra Nang Ra Chang Ha Ra Ti
Pray until the soul is meditated ,
you will see the numbers occur in your eyes.
If there are no numbers, bring Khatha Phraphutthachao Pirdlok by:
Lo Ka Wi Too
If there still no number occurred, look at candle tears and you will see.