Thursday, 5 February 2009

Luang Poo Nen Kumpiro KMT

LP Nen Kampeero the best of the first recipe of Salika Pak Dee, the first source of South-eastern part.
LP Nen Kumpiro, a senior monk of Wat Bankasettungsetti, Pontong District, Roi-et province has just created a special series of sacred amulets called Guman Thong Doodrok, which are known to be able to increase fortune and charm and at the same protect from danger.
LP Nen created his Guman Thong in strict accordance with the ancient sciences, which he had learnt from both Karnchanaburi and the home of Khun Paen, Supunburi Province.
He specially selected many kinds of sacred materials to make his amulets including old Hoon Payont Namchoke amulets, nails from various graveyards, soil from seven graveyards (collected only from the vicinity of woimen that had died in pregnancy), steel used to move corpses, Mittudtrasung (knives, which were used to cut the cords from the hands of the deceased. Etc.
Moreover many kinds of sacred Yant were also used to create his Guman, such as Yant Chukhun Guman Thong, Yant Kumnerd-arkarn32, Yant Gunpai, Yant Mahaniyom, Yant Chokelarp.
Sacred ceremonies were held to carve all of the sacred Yunt onto the amulets by Luang Phor Nen.
Luang Phor Nen also organized further ceremonies which were held at miodnight in the graveyard, to ensure that an entity would take up residence and increase the power still further. Finally all of Luang Phor Nen’s Guman were filled with other sacred powders including seven-graveyard soil, Wan Guman Thong, Kafakruk, Kafakkoon, Kafakmayom and at least another nine auspicious Thai plants, a silver Takrut was also added, each engraved with the spell known as “Na Ngernma”.

LP Nen Kampeero Salika朴Dee,东南部分的第一个来源第一份食谱的最好。
LP Nen Kumpiro、Wat Bankasettungsetti的一名资深修士, Pontong区, Roi和省创造了称Guman皮带的神圣的护身符特别系列Doodrok,知道能增加时运,并且魅力和在同样保护免受危险。
LP Nen严格与古老科学的创造了他的Guman皮带,他从Karnchanaburi和Khun学会了Paen, Supunburi省的家。
他特别地选择许多神圣的材料做他的护身符包括老Hoon Payont Namchoke护身符,从各种各样的坟园,从七个坟园的土壤(仅收集从近处woimen那死了在怀孕),被用于的钢的钉子移动尸体, Mittudtrasung (刀子,被用于切开从手的绳子已故。
等. 而且许多神圣的Yant也被用于创造他的Guman,例如Yant Chukhun Guman皮带, Yant Kumnerd-arkarn32, Yant Gunpai, Yant Mahaniyom, Yant Chokelarp。神圣的仪式由Luang Phor Nen举行雕刻所有在护身符上的神圣的Yunt。
Luang Phor Nen也组织举行在miodnight在坟园的进一步仪式,保证个体将占去住所并且更远增加力量。
最终所有Luang Phor Nen的Guman充满了其他神圣的粉末包括七坟园土壤,苍白Guman皮带, Kafakruk, Kafakkoon, Kafakmayom,并且至少另外九棵吉利泰国植物,银色Takrut也增加了,其中每一刻记与叫作“Na的咒语Ngernma”。