Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sharing pcs from Regular Customer - AJ Wara Orginal 1st Batch Poo Jow Saming Prai (Prai and 58 Spirits)

Best Stuffs of the year.
Super Strong Locket from AJ Wara
( Damm Hard to See or Find nowaday )

1. NumMum Prai Leut (Spirit oil)
2. Pong Prai 58 spirits powder
included 57 Human Ashes which all different Date of Birth to gather all different Horoscopes for increase worshipper Daily Luck
and last 1 Archan Panneng ashes
to a Total of 58 Spirits.
3. Widow’s ladder powder
4. A pcs of small Tukkut soak in spirited oil.
5. Namman Prai added.

Method to worship Poo Jow Saming Prai locket,
Before you bring “Poo Jow Saming Prai ” into the house,
please tell your house guardian spirits that you want to worship this spirit for helping you to get luck.
Light 11 incenses.
After you pray to guardian spirit already,
worship this locket with a glass of clear Whisky
Thai foods (Yum/SomTum) daily for 1st 3 days with Katha.
Do this way from the first day of spirit invitation.
If you need help from the spirit, redo the worship process again.
If you want to hang this amulet,
Do not wear with the same Necklace with any Buddha amulet.
You can place in pocket but must not keep below hip area.