Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AJ Nikom - New Panneng Prai Guman Prakrasit (For Coming 2010 Tiger Year)

Phong Prai Maha Phut Batch.
AJ NiKom strongly blessed this child’s skull in Ayutthaya era in temple over 3 months.
AJ Kom took the skull from temple to pound into ashes then asked a monk who born only Saturday and also year of the tiger to pulverize the skull.
For Great & Strong Power obtain.
This child's spirit came to AJ Nikom dream, and ask for merit to take his skull to make the amulet because the child's spirit will get good merit from helping people to gain their wishes.

Methods to worship Prai Guman Prakrasit:
First day that you take the Prai Guman Prakrasit home, please tell the spirit house, shrine in your house.
Offer food and dessert to the Prai Guman Prakrasit with 16 incense sticks.
You should do this process 3 days by calling him to eat.
When wish fulfill you should offer the toys, sweet, tibits or food to Prai Guman Prakrasit.