Sunday, February 28, 2010

红土沙,黑海土,山神派 "ShanShenPai"

Welcome to "ShanShenPai"
Post by FallenAngel
Chinese classified
Phra Ngang into different types /families,
From Heaven, Demigod, mountain to Ground.
From Different names eg: PhraChai, TianThongNgang, SongNgang, PaliNgang, BotakNgang, PuffyeyeNgang/FireeyeNgang, EngNgang/ChanNgang/PhoNgang......
Some Gerenal Questions
What is Ngang
Who are they
Is Ngang Demigod
How they look like
How to worship
Why backfired
Are Ngang dangerous/safe
What Ngang benefit
What are the Con & Pro
Why there are so many katha available
Do Ngang have 7 sibling
Where to worship
Most inadvisable things must not be done