Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AJ Poo Sariang - Special Forehead Skin Panneng Mae Hong Prai

Special and Strong Panneng Mae Hong Prai with Namman Prai Nang Kruan spirits from AJ Poo himself.
Panneng Forehead skin
spirit wax
1 Tukkut Plook (For Awakening)
1 Tukkut Gun (For Protection)
1 tube of Namman Prai Nang Kruan / Human corpse oil.
Yants scripted on the skin

Special method to worship Mae Hong Prai:
Before you bring Mae Hong Prai into the house,
please tell your house guardian spirit that you want to worship this spirit for helping you.
You should worship this spirit with a glass of clear Whisky or food and one incense stick with Katha daily.
If you need help from the spirit.
You should make a thankful offering with Girls stuffs eg: cosmetics
Make merits for this spirits always.
Prayer must be done only after midnight.