Friday, 10 July 2009

Testimonal from Mrs Melissa ( AJ Waroot 1st nmp)

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Sent: Friday, July 10, 2009 5:04 PM
Subject: Thanks you

Dear Charms,

Please post this in your blog as there you never posted any testimonal before, hee, hope can attact more business & trust.

This is what i can only say to you now, million of thanks and sincerely apologise for not trusting you at 1st when you intro me this warot spirits oil as frankly speaking 1stly is pricing and 2ndly is worry of side effect which now i felt very sorry.

This oil indeed is wonderful, this is what i can say to you, you earn a good deed for saving my family as my husband finally gave up that china bao and return back to us after i follow the way as instructed.

Below is my true story:

That night, once i had received the spirits oil, i boiled 2 eggs for them, i started the prayer following the written & audio that you had given to me by after tucked in my little girl to sleep which was around near to 1am and i started repeating the chant till i felt the wind rush in toward me was as cold as i was in an air con room, i was quite scared at that time and really wanted to stop everything and rush toward my girl room but my body was total stiffness and i wasnt able to move and at that moment i made a decision since i really want to save my marriage.
I continue reading the script as my tears were rolling down due to fear and suddenly i can feel my hairs raise on the left body and then i heard my daughter started crying, i lose a word then and shut my eyes tight, i dont remember what to chant therefore i began to beg the spirits to solve my problem and hoping that they can help me to bring back my husband and save my family from spilting away.
A few minutes later , my daughter crying sound had stopped and i made my courage to open up my eyes and to a great relief that i didnt see any of "that stuffs" around and went straight to my daughter room, and to my surprise, she was sleeping soundly.
Who crying sound is that?
I had spent that night in my daughter room.

The next day, my husband came back home and was playing with my daughter, i took a stick of the pocky which my daughter was holding and dipped into the spirited oil and told her that must let her dad ate it.
She ran happily to her dad and feed him with the stick and strange thing started.

That night it was about 4am, i was woke up by a female sound and while turning on the side light, i was shock to see that my husband was sweating and kneeling on the floor and asked for my forgiveness and promise that he will not betray or leave this family.

The incident till now is only a week, but my husband had came home straight after work and help me with cooking which he never even did before.
Hope you can share my joy, i really felt happy after all this while.

I was wondering if the spirits that had help me or was my husband just felt guilty.

But one thing for sure, i try to recall the incident and was sure that i remember seeing 2 ladies shadow standing behind my husband that night when i on the light.

Creepy right?

But i strongly believe that without the spirits help, my marriage & my daughter path of growing will be affected.

Thanks Charms and i will keep this words from you in my mind always, Forgive and Forget the past will bring more joy in the future.

Hope to hear from you soon or your photo in your blog and i will able to see this email in your blog right?

Take care always.

What i can said that this oil is effective to me and i hoped that others who had rent these, please use for good and dont use to ruin others marriage.

your sincerely