Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sharing on how to DIY to purify/clean your new / old house

The most common and simple way to purity the entire house either brand new or present staying house and what u can Do It Yourself by spending little of $.
For those unable to get monks for home blessing.

What u need to get:
2 new small red water pail
1.5 little of bot water x1
3 thai lemons

Best with Black color kemanyan 3 pcs
kemanyan holder x1

smallest pk of uncook rice (500g/1kg)
1/2 pk of unfine salt
1 to 3 pks of chinese prayer tea leaf

Choose morning timing to perform
Best is to look at the chinese lunar calendar for Auspicious hrs

Step 1:
Open up every windows in the entire house.

Step 2:
Light up all 3 kamuyam on the holder place on the central positional of the house.
If u not sure of position, can use your house floor plan.

Step 3:
mix well all 3 items rice, salt & tea leaf into 1 pail
start from standing facing the exit of the main door which standing position is inside the house. Sprinkle on the right 1st, which include every " Flooring Corners " in the entire house and ending at the left side of the exit of the main door and whatever left in the pail sparkle all out of the doorstep.
( Cleaning up the rice, salts & tea leaves will either in 1/2 day later or Best is next day. )

Step 4:
wash hand and follow step 5.

Step 5:
cut all 3 thai lemon into 9 slices.
mix with mineral water into the 2nd pail.
Sparkle all "Celing Corner" and whatever left over
optional can use to clean up the gate and the main door.
( u may use pomegranate leaves to sparkle )

Step 6 ( only for house u already stay in )
Light 9 incease sticks for house Buddha Bucha or
Light 12 incease sticks for chinese Gods Bucha.

End of the process.

Welcome to a new good luck house.

2 things to take note of
1. Pls noted that for New Housing before any prayer to the Earth Gods,
Pls DO NOT sleep overnight in the place.

2. Not suitable for barang prayer if your barang is at home.
( barang = spirits stuffs )

info by Charms