Friday, July 31, 2009

Archan Wara Pakan- Rang Mae Thong Soy from Pong Prai 58 Sprits (Mae spirit)

Mae Thong Soy (Mae Spirit) image is one of the most famous charms created by AJ Wara.
For Admired and Love
Wara created Mae Thong Soy statue follow to his masters to possess such powerful mind to control evil spirits.
He used many holy mass that he kept it more than 30 years.
A unique feature of his mass amulets is strong.
It is top secret in mixing materials.
On the back has Arjarn Wara’ Yahn script for protection.
Material in use of making
1. NumMum Prai Leut (Spirit oil)
2. Pong Prai 58 sprits powder
3. Widow’s ladder powder
Mae Pur is known as mysteriousness that has super power to bring luck and help the owner to be admired and love.
Also, she will make your relationship work for you.
Why Thai guru has been made this image?
Thai guru believed that women who sit and born a child easily represent easy to get something when we beg for from her.
As pass down from AJ Wara,
to worship Mae Thong Soy:
1. Before you bring “Mae Thong Soy” into the house,
please tell guardian spirit that you want to worship this spirit for helping you to get luck.
Light 11 incenses.
2. After you tell guardian spirit already, worship this statue with a glass of clear Whisky and Thai chilly salad (Yum/SomTum) for 3 days with Katha.
Do this way by the first day of spirit invitation.
3. If you need help from the spirit,
redo the worship process in no.2
4. If you want to hang this amulet, do not wear with the same Necklace as Buddha amulet.
You can use the amulet as key ring or keep in wallet/pocket but must not keep below hip.
Orginal Katha:

1. Before you’ll take this amulet in your house.
Please light 11- incense to tell your guardian spirit.
2. Please offerings this amulet with white alcohol, black food for 3 days.
(Don’t offer bloody food / raw meat/ mid done cook food)
3. After offerings 3 days already.
Please chant above katha to awake this amulet.
4. Please give a gift for this amulet with 3 cosmatic item.
( Beware of Fake AJ Wara stuffs in market esp. nmp )
AJ Wara PaKan was a famous guru master in magical mystery.
When, he was 14 year old.
He learned to made oil of charm from Khmer.
Firstly, he made Nam Man and See Phueng (lip wax).
He used the material from Nakorn Ratchasima Province.
Both amulets were successful.
He tested his Nam Man until he had 32 wives.
He was very famous about making Nam Man Prai and magic charms.
He has many experiences with Phra Arjarn in Kher and kept many rare holy mass over 10 years old.
These mass are known as magical things that has super power to made amulets is strong and very hard to find nowadays.
He is one of the top guru masters who have reputation for his Visha and Buddhist Dharma.
He dies in the year of 2005.