Thursday, 29 October 2009

Phra Sitthata Racha Guman

Baby Buddha on Pang Prasoot
It mean to who want to be a brave and winner of the obstacles with success and to be No. 1 should worship this amulet.
When the Buddha was born,
there are lotuses on the ground and he pointed finger straight to the sky and said
“He will be the one who is good and honest in the world.
The left finger pointed to the floor that is it is the last of Buddha born and he will never born again.

Offering of 7 of white lotuses into a silver Thai tray.

Katha for Baby Buddha in the morning:
Namo x3
Ak Kho Ha Mat Mi Lo Kat Sa Chet Tho Ha Mat Mi Lo Kat Sa Set Tho Ha Mat Mi Lo Kat Sa A Ya Man Ti Ma Me Cha Thi Nat Thi Tha Ni Pu Nap Pha Wo Ti

Katha for worshiping Baby Buddha in the evening:
Ap Pa Ma The Na Sam Pa The Tha