Thursday, 29 October 2009

LP Noi - Saming La Sao Khru Sane Spirit with Tukkut

Tiger Spirit with Maha Laluay Tukkut
For Love, Sex & Mettamananiyom
Saming La Sao Khru Sane mean a Tiger have a power to hunt a girl down
Front amulet is a tiger having a sex with a girl.
Back have spirit powder and Maha Laluay Tukkut.
This Takrut is known powerful thing that could bring luck and help the owner to be admired and love.
The red salty soil has to charm from spell forest at Cambodia all 10 places.
It have to different of the earth that light red and crimson all be spell best soil.
And this soil can be found in some Phra Ngang bucha base.
This Saming La Sao Khru Sane to pronounce magical of charming Mettamaniyom suitable play boy, play girl, not handsome, not rich and not smooth toughed.
Pray to Lover for Metta and Saney.
The Salt-lick must to mixing with Namman Phrai Whan Parot, Namman Phrai Phi Taithangklom, Panneng powder, Maha Phut powder, Phrai Pra Kon Luean powder.
This spell is known to be strong
This amulet can bring charming with opposite sex and Saming La Sao Khru Sane can bring lucky, great kindness and bring money in.
Phiak Kho
Phiak Saming Tong
Khla Sa Nae Mon