Friday, 2 October 2009

LP Tem - Mae Poe U Ma Lueng Ong Kru

Mae Poe U Ma Lueng Ong Kru

This amulet has many superb powers about bringing the great love, the great charm, the great wealth and the great commerce to the worshiper.

There are many holy materials for making this amulet such as:
Holy powders that used which taken from many places such as Phong Wahn Yoni and the other holy powders.
Holy herbs that there are many kinds such as Wahn Pompiprai, WahnPong, WahnDokthong and the other herbs.
Holy soils that taking from many holy places such as soils from 7 cemeteries, 7 anthills, salt licks and the other holy soils.
Holy oils that taking from the many places such as NMP Takian, NMP Tanee and the other holy oils.

On the back of this amulet with 3 special Tukkuts.
Special way to worship Mae Poe U Ma Lueng:
Take the fresh cream milk paint/dip on the vagina and frog like penis then chant the Katha.

You can make this amulet in the half conseal casing which easier for painting the fresh cream milk if u are wearing but remember must drink the milk after painting/dipping which will bring all the good things into your life.