Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Testimonal for customers ( AJ Waroot 1st NMP)

All written txt or attach are 100% true / Authentic from customers or friends that either email, sms or thru phone on waroot 1st nmp.
More will be post if customers agree with 1st.

Customer "A" from China


您好,這是第一次我在網上買真正好的屍體油, 也證明網上真賣主存在。







Customer B from Malaysia

( Note: that this customer had not received the NMP which will post out only at 19 sep 09. )

This is a different story from B customer after trying 2 nmp from 2 archan but result is nt as what he had assumed and claimed of:

my hair standing straight bro !even without the oil, i can feel the sense of these 2 prai.
Superb bro.
first time ever, bought couples of NMP, but none of the NMP could do this to me.
Even i wore the NMP with me.


Jus now, i'm asking u bout the NMP actually, why these 2 prai know that i'm going to INVITE her back, when they appear in my dream.
That y i asked u bout the purchase n heard by these 2 prai, or jus because the khatas that i chants.


Customer C from Taiwan



Customer "D" station at Shanghai .
( msm got from customer thru phone txt and all his feedback will email soon once he had settle down)

Hi pro,

Sorry late to drop u an email, hope u r doing well, this warot oil, i already bring to shanghai and had follow yr advise to redo the process again.
This is what i can feel now, the feeling of their present is getting strong as days pass by.
So far so good for this oil and this was what my wife had seen in her 2 dreamed,
1 time my wife dreamed of a lady short hair but without any face, telling my wife that she dont like leftover overnight food.
and the next day, she wake up and asked me why i offer overnight food to the thai amulet that i brough over here.
I very very shock, lost in words for a sec, how come she knew that i prepare the offering food at night and left in the fridge so as more easiler for me to offer they before rush to work which i find more easy for me.
For that on, I prepare only fresh food for them without miss.

2 dream after 2 week
she dreamed that she was walking to the toilet at home and when opening the door, she saw something behind the shower curtain, upon open the curtain, she was so shock that she saw abit fat lady with lots of scars on face and body looking at her and smile before disappear.

The next day, she confront me on what i had brough back, is she from the amulet too.
She was shocked of hearing my answer when i said yap, maybe was also from the amulet too.

In order not to make our relationship back to previous stage which was this oil that had help me to reconciled with her again.
I quickly did some offering & worship to the oil for merit not to scare my wife again as she's pregnant,
pls dont enter her dream again.
So far so good.
This is the 1st time i had purchased from u pro, a real good one, thanks & 2 warot 2.