Friday, 11 September 2009

Real Testimonal from Ginni (purchased AJ Waroot 1st batch nmp)

u will sure 100% dont believe what u r going to hear from me mr
I received a txt from u that u claim that u confirm didnt sms me as u r in Thai.
But is that a ghost email or txt,

This was what i had received from u @ 2am
1 2 egg 29 day
19 36 37 40
1 mask

I was shock when seeing this txt, what the hell u want from me, why must i buy u eggs for, so i decided to call u but your phone wasnt on.
And i was thinking what the hell this stupid guy want.
so i showed it to my boyfriend as busy drawing toto nos, and what we can think off of what u wrote was
2 eggs for 29 days,
19, 36, 37 & 40
1 mask
My boyfriend claimed that u wanted me to buy toto, prize 3 million and nos are my age 26, 1, 19, 36, 37, 40 and offer 2 eggs for 29 days after winning. and so he drew the toto number for me.
What i wanted to tell u now was i nearly kill my boyfriend,
u can have his body for collection.
I should won $60000 and end up winning $20.
i very sad, tell me what to do.
customer from spore (East)
From Siam Barang owner "Charms" commend:
i think this text sure wasnt from me, my hp had no roaming service.
i was away to thai for 3 days.
Thai call this as pee message.
And i was very sad too, i didnt win any toto today, my spirits so far also never enlighten me any number.
I think i am the one need to cry if u inform me earily,
i might be one of the big winner tonight.
PS: Dont be sad, thanks for your testimonal, at least you win $20, dont forget the offering.
This is our luck, this nmp is not for lottery luck but at least u are the 2nd owner win little $ in toto. So u should be happy, Ah Jie. and i not stupid guy, althot my home had many piggy soft toy BUT I NOT STUPID.
I think that this txt already tell/show who is >>> Hee Hee. ( Joking loh)
"Mummy is over",
oops this " Mummy is Over " u can always hear in riding SBS buses.
& by the way, i dont not keen in Guy spirits.
Thanks you so much, u can keep it for yourself.
What i'm very keen is the Japan Hannya mask price 4 figure.