Friday, 18 September 2009

New Testimonal on waroot 1st nmp, Again from Client Wie (malaysia)

Unbelievable yet is True
I had copy my mail Html into my blog,
enjoy reading.
it was from client Mr Wie (malaysia),
By reading this our mouth will not be able to close up
SB Blogger myself also havent got this effect/power.
I can name this guy as barang man / spiritalism.
So many testimonals on 1st batch, but lucky to me, i still safe keep a few for myself, i waiting for my personal experience on this, if i on usage.


AJ Waroot 2nd batch NMP
Friday, 18 September 2009 10:37:33
From:View Contact
To:Yi Jun <>

Morning bro,

These Prai Phanni & Manirat were here bro, Wednesday they appeared in my dream again,
they asked for their promised offering ( hard boiled eggs n white cooked rice ).
They even told me where to put the offering. ( flower pot at my garrage ).
They said they dunwana enter and stay in my house, cause of Buddha statues (ESPLLY Tok Raja ) and dun wan to scare my mrs son they said.
They just wanna stay outside, guard my house n will follow me whenever i go out.
They guided me to place the NMP under/below the altar....far behind and need to ask permission from Tok Raja b4 carrying / using NMP.

Scary bro.....

Last nite, made the offering. The feeling of their presence was there, just not that strong. after receiving the NMP the feeling will much stronger i guessed......Perhaps !

Then, they appeared in my dream gain...... this time round they brought me to Achan Waroot,
Achan Waroot advised and guided me on how to use this Prai Pom and remind me bout the
things that beyond these 2 prai power.
Do not abuse his NMP, otherwise these prai will GO BACK TO HIM !

Scary, spooky.....unbelievable BUT IT's THRU !

with metta,


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