Friday, 18 September 2009

All your concern questions and SB answers

Add ImageAJ Waroot NMP 1st Batch.
( Namman Prai Pom )

1. Why i dont feel like others owner had posted their testimonal?

Ans: Different people got differnet valid of reasons,
as in chinese they name as 八字,
in science, they called these as wave frequency.

2. Why i always feel scared when worshipping the spirits and wanted finish up faster?

Ans: Is the matter of mind and heart concentration,
If u can dont think of anything for that moment,
place your mind clear and that stage your heart beat is at normal rate is in normal
stage between 60 to 80, which u had forgotten with fear and focus on worship with katha.
If u can do so, the present of the spirits will not fear you up.
Is our mind that make us scared.
Another example do apply same with worship of Pra Ngang,
when chanting the inviting katha, u will feel some weird feeling, when they entering.
others example, is the candle flame......

3. Why i always dipped on the person and the party wasnt comforable the whole night?
( As seem to be not sleeping well or insomnia )

Ans: The party u dip on is working,
either the person is normal or 及阳 or 及阴.
If the person u dip on, is 及阳, the spirits had no chance at all,
unless the person luck had fall in the month.
( pls dont be playboy, anyhow dipped, bad in karma

4. Why whenever i touch or hold the oil, i got a funny sensation?

Ans: This is know as human body generate static charge and
the oil might in negative charge and
therefore, the + & - touch together became
funny sensation.
( This is example of realistic answer )

5. Why i only feel their present only when chanting?

Ans: It is because, you are recalling the incantation for calling the spirits out.

6. Why their dont appear in my dream or how can i see them?

Ans: Some owner can feel / see the present of unseen things in this world,
either they are inherit from family,
or had open their 3rd eye,
or their sense is strong to feel.
In Thai, some legend passed down from Somjet Toh,
had mention, clear your mind and chant namo x3,
bent down look into between of your both legs, u will see the truth.
( i had try before, but didnt see any yet )
1 way that was mention before,
is to apply the oil on your forehead before sleep,
u will see what u want.

7. How to became rich ?

Ans: This oil is not design to fetch rich / wealth / lottery luck to owner,
That depend on owners luck.

8. How long will their spirits last?
or are they with me forever?

Ans: No, they are not forever,
different maker & different spirits had a time frame,
min to 49 days and up to max of 3 yrs.
They have a chance to reborn after bonus up their merits,
by helping owner to do things.
Spirits unable to live with owner forever, as this not good for both party.

9. The oil seem to be thicken if i leave it at home and
when carry around it seem become liquefy?

Ans: When cool, the oil will became slightly thicker,
but while carry on your body,
due to body heat temperture,
the oil will become slight liquefy.

10. Can i throw away the hairs in the oil?

Ans: No, No, No
That is part & property of the spirit.

11. How do i make merits behalf/for the spirits,
How many must i done?

Ans: Whether you gain your wishes or on your pay day, bonus,
try making a little donation to charity, temple, elderly, etc

12. Can i bring them to place giving birth / delivery room ( 产房) or funeral?

Ans: Try not to,
but only restricted to funeral.

Some all owner will have some picture of the answer i trying to say.


By Charms