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Siam Mao Archan Pee 暹茅威令 - 5 Ghost Wealth Fetching Tukkuts

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Spiritual Encounter section

Greetings to all,
We will wishes to post out all spiritual encounter personal story in this blog or somewhere else, any supporters, pls assist us to make a life begin.
My/our dreams & aim is to:
Transform to a only Barang space and member log in for all strange katha section in future, which mean we share the same as 1 = all.
Your kind assist is the begining of this little dreams to alive,
if only we share the share ideas.
( inspires by barang life )
Warmest Regards
Charms By Don

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

KB Thammamunee / KB Dharmamuni - Charming Wax (Batch - In Luv when be seen)

Charming Wax batch = Everyone will love when be seen,

Wax was mix by KB Thammamunee from 4 Wahn and Namman Nga (Wahn Guman Thong), Wahn Nang Khum, Wahn Phaya Gai Dang, Wahn Saboolierd.
( Wahn Guman Thong was well known in the story of Khu Pean, in Thai was believed that this plant was the tranform of KP Guman Tong after KP had buried him.

To active of this scared charming wax
using Ring finger to apply and chant Katha:
Phut Thang Rak Kha Chit Tang
E Hi Rak Kha Chit Tang
Tham Mang Rak Kha Chit Tang
E Hi Rak Kha Chit Tang
Sang Kang Rak Kha Chit Tang
E Hi Rak Kha Chit Tang
( x5 )

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pending if available for: Esoteric Black Sect barang ( 密宗黑教 )

Coming in Lunar 7 mths

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LP Nen Kampeero - KMT


LP Mai - KMT

KB Thammamunee / KB Dharmamuni - Look Grauk Thepparit

Look Grauk Thepparit in charming Oil

Batch: Everyone will love when see you only.

Look Grauk Thepparit was blessed with Arthan objects such as nail of the corpse of death with child 7 & many Yants like: Luck and money.

Rae Thorahod and Hin Saketdao.

Holy oil was mixed from 4 types of Wahn.

It help in protecting the house, full of luck and money.

It also can bring you Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Saney, everyone will love when see you only.

The way to worship LookKrok:
Before you taking LookKrok into your home ,
you should incense with a joss stick ask for permission from your guardian spirit to enter.
you should not place LookKrok with Buddha amulet and should place LookKrok below the Buddha amulet.
Offerings for offer LookKrok such as water , milk or Red soft drinks and jasmine garland.
For calling LookKrok eating food:
Na Thu Te Sang
Ta To Phun Chan Ti
Pho Cha Na Nang
Me San Che
A Khat Choei Ya
A Khat Cha Hi
O Met Tanti
Ro Than Tang Te
Te Cha Ran Tu Me
Sap Phe Met Tang
Chit Tang Chit Tang
Met Tan Cha
Sappha Lo Kat Ming
( x3 )
For worship LookKrok:
Na Ma Pha Tha
Chi Che Ru Ni
Chit Tang
Che Ta Sik Kang
Ru Pang Nip Pha Nang
Look Krok Thep Pa Rit Tang
Na Thu Te Sang
A Khat Choei Ya
A Khat Cha Hi
E Hi E Hi
Pi Yang Ma Ma


AJ Perm - elephant sperms oil For Attraction ( MAGICAL Namman Chang Pasom Khiong )

Namman Chang Pasom Khlong
Wahns, elephant sperm, many holy materials and one Tukkut.
This oil helps
to be good looking and attarct people comes to have an interest with you.
How and way to use this magic oil:-
Pray Katha:
Ohm va vin
saney mont
saney mia
saney prung
saney glum
saney praka
mo jum trumtru
cha hom tid
And roll oil to any part of your body before going out.
Night club Girls apply on neck area
Salesman apply on wrist area

LP Kui - First batch! Guman Thong Ka Nong Rit

Guman Thong Ka Nong Rit that means this Guman Thong has high spirited to help the owner.

By: LP Kui of Wat SubTakien, Petchaboon province.

Guman made of holy metal insert Soil from 7 Cemeteries put under the image.

When you reach him in your house, please inform the god house.

Best to worship it with one time Guman with food, rice, soft drink and use 16 incenses.

Give him a good name

Mind call KMT to eat before you, make your mind calm and think of Guman, and then invite Guman to eat with you.

The owner can ask him help you to guard your house, your shop or help about your business

LP Somchai - KMT

materials and step of making:

Soil from 7 Cemeteries, 7 salt-licks, 7 Field, 7 River, 7 Mountain, and old pagoda.

Powder from who die on Saturday and burn on Tuesday.

Bring all of materials mixed together with “Wahn” oil and “Prai” oil until all become same unique materials.

LP SomChai molded Guman Thong statuses from materials used and hang out to the sun by 7 days by him.

Bring Guman Thong in to the kiln.

LP SomChai calls the Guman Thong spirits into the images with ancient KaTha.

People believe Guman Thong by LP SomChai has super power in protecting the owner from evil forces and powerful securing good fortune in business affairs to the owner.

LP Moon - KMT

KB Thammamunee / KB Dharmamuni - Khun Paen KamMaSoot (Strong Sex)

Khun Paen KamMaSoot – Win in love and in battle or Sexual reproduction.

On the front showed Khun Paen and two women.
Nude Khun Paen with the two women without cloth sitting beside him.
The two women touched his penis.
The upper part has Yonee and penis represented the balancing of the universe.
In the world, there are man and woman, the symbolic of the origin of everything and was born in everything.
It’s not absurd accounts or lower accounts.
Everyone was born with this.
From the toe upward or the hair downward, this is a middle thing, isn’t low or high.
So dont look down on yourself.

KB blessed every night until three years in KB Thammamunee’s Guti by mixed material such as Wahn Dokthong, Wahn Saolong, Wahn Salicalinthong, Wahn Nangkhum, Wahn Dinsorlersi, Gafakrak, Gafakmarum, Gan Kanoontaiprai, Gan Mayomtaiprai.
In addition, with soil from the middle of market of 9 markets, Din Pong 9 Pong.

It will bring Metta Maha Saney to the opposite sex.
Also suits with timid person.
It’s good for negotiation and trading.
It can bring Metta Mahaniyom to people.

According to KB, Pong KamMaSoot powder is magical because it is Pong Arthan Mahasaney.
If we bring this Pong with making a wish to the one you love, and rub on your face and then go to the one you love.
When he saw you, he will feel want to make love with you.
That’s the power of this Pong that was called Pong KamMaSoot.
In ancient Thai nite girls used this wahn for sex business.
Na Ma Pa Ta
I Ti Pu Ri
Rak Kha Nat Tang
Na Ma Mi Hang
(x 12)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Archan Pi Siam Mao ( Wu Gui Shu ) pg 46 - 48

Archan Pi Siam Mao ( Wu Gui Shu ) pg 41- 45

Archan Pi Siam Mao ( Wu Gui Shu ) pg 36 - 40

Archan Pi Siam Mao ( Wu Gui Shu ) pg 31 - 35

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Archan Pi Siam Mao (Wu Gui Shu) pg 21 - 25