Tuesday, March 17, 2009

KB Thammamunee / KB Dharmamuni - Look Grauk Thepparit

Look Grauk Thepparit in charming Oil

Batch: Everyone will love when see you only.

Look Grauk Thepparit was blessed with Arthan objects such as nail of the corpse of death with child 7 & many Yants like: Luck and money.

Rae Thorahod and Hin Saketdao.

Holy oil was mixed from 4 types of Wahn.

It help in protecting the house, full of luck and money.

It also can bring you Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Saney, everyone will love when see you only.

The way to worship LookKrok:
Before you taking LookKrok into your home ,
you should incense with a joss stick ask for permission from your guardian spirit to enter.
you should not place LookKrok with Buddha amulet and should place LookKrok below the Buddha amulet.
Offerings for offer LookKrok such as water , milk or Red soft drinks and jasmine garland.
For calling LookKrok eating food:
Na Thu Te Sang
Ta To Phun Chan Ti
Pho Cha Na Nang
Me San Che
A Khat Choei Ya
A Khat Cha Hi
O Met Tanti
Ro Than Tang Te
Te Cha Ran Tu Me
Sap Phe Met Tang
Chit Tang Chit Tang
Met Tan Cha
Sappha Lo Kat Ming
( x3 )
For worship LookKrok:
Na Ma Pha Tha
Chi Che Ru Ni
Chit Tang
Che Ta Sik Kang
Ru Pang Nip Pha Nang
Look Krok Thep Pa Rit Tang
Na Thu Te Sang
A Khat Choei Ya
A Khat Cha Hi
E Hi E Hi
Pi Yang Ma Ma