Tuesday, 17 March 2009

LP Kui - First batch! Guman Thong Ka Nong Rit

Guman Thong Ka Nong Rit that means this Guman Thong has high spirited to help the owner.

By: LP Kui of Wat SubTakien, Petchaboon province.

Guman made of holy metal insert Soil from 7 Cemeteries put under the image.

When you reach him in your house, please inform the god house.

Best to worship it with one time Guman with food, rice, soft drink and use 16 incenses.

Give him a good name

Mind call KMT to eat before you, make your mind calm and think of Guman, and then invite Guman to eat with you.

The owner can ask him help you to guard your house, your shop or help about your business