Sunday, 24 May 2009

LP Sir Mong - Khu Pean + Pan Neng with Mae Hong Prai Mahasaney - Woman Forehead Skin

Khu Pean 'w' Pan Neng Mae Hong Prai Mahasaney spirit.

Pan Neng = Woman Forehead Bone


1. The spirit made from forehead skin.

2. Khu pean made from Wahns with 2 silver tukkuts.

LP Sir Mong bless and made one by one.

And then calls Khu Pean & Hong Prai spirits into the images with ancient KaTha.

This spirit is especially powerful to help in career, success , love and everyday life.

The technique in the worship KP Pan Neng,

Pls do in this way:
1. Before you bring “this spirit” into the house,
Wash and clean up yourself,
Light 10 incenses sticks,
place 1 incense stick pitch that outdoor or flowerpot and think of spirits.
Offer to house gods or buddha with 9 incense sticks and thinks of Buddha, Dharma and Buddhist priest.
You must pray to apologies about to use wrong amulet.
At now I know a correct way to use.
I will practice to follow the buddha way and will not do evil.
The power of spirit in this amulet will show.
Please inform guardian spirit that you want to worship this spirit for helping you to get luck.

2. You should worship this spirit with a glass of clear Whisky or food and one incense with Katha daily.

3. If you need help from the spirit.
You should make a thank offering & you should pray for after midnight which can be after 11.30pm.