Wednesday, 27 May 2009

AJ ThongTang - Nammun Maha Nindam oil

From Archan ThongTang ,

Bringing luck and help it owner to be admired and feel love.

This oil must be kept below than a Buddha altar or at the headframe of bed.
you can safe keep this oil with yourself at all time.
Touch this oil at yourself will be admired.
Touch this oil with another one will misled to fall in love with u.
Without using and kept to yourself will bring maha sa and beloved for other people. Before using

Pls note to use Thongtang stuffs must recall "Phor Kru Phram Suttho"

Poot Ta Met dtaa Tam Ma Met dtaa Sang Ka Met dtaa Ma Haa Ni Yom A Ma Ra Waa Ha