Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hunter - Pore Than Khaew Kittikuno ( Wat Huay Ngoa Pattanee )

This amulet has many powers such as protect the black magic or bad things and change the unlucky to be lucky.

The way to use this charm.
Pray Katha if you want amulet help you.

Also, you must alway make merit,
please think of the amulet that for to make the amulet more stronger.
Katha for Business and Lucky:
Ohm Na Ma Me Ma Na Nae Nu Ni Na Nae Nu Ni Na Swaha Swahum
(3/7 time)
Katha for Protection:
Tum Aa Tum Ya Pu Sa Aa Su Pu Sa Pa Pu Tum Tum Tum
Katha for Metta:
Or Aa Sa Nae Ha Manud Sa Jitti
Or Aa Sa Nae Ha Manud Sa Jittang
Or Aa Mulapalang
Or Aa Putta
Na Ma Mi Hang