Thursday, 11 March 2010

LP Noi - Namman Hong Prai 9 Spirits –ArThan Sanay (Mysterious Charming 9 Spirits oil)

NamManHongPrai collected from Top Materials of Ancient Khmer Magical/Holy Book –
Mysterious Charming 9 Spirits oil as following items:
1. NamManPrai form bone powder of dead pregnant woman.
2. NamManPrai from cutting milk and YoNee of Prai ghost.
3. Kroo NangHong Prai Powder consists of bone ashes of dead widow woman and virgin woman from 7 cemeteries.
4. NamManNangTaNee mix with Aroma NamManJan.
5. NamMan from Takien Pillar.
6. NamManPrai Pong Phum Guman.
7. MaiSiVaLeung Powder and Wahn YoNee Powder.
8. NamManYod GaFak Rak-Yom-KaNoon
9. NamManPrai Wahh MaHaSaNay (charming herbs) such as WahnDokThong, SaNayJan, SaoLong, GlomNangNon, JoongNang, Wahn GaiDaeng, PhrayaTayKrua, ThepPraChumPorn, ThepRamPeung, ThepRamJuan, Wahn SalikaLinThong, and Aroma NamManJan.

Before using this oil, please recall LP Noi.
After that, dip this oil and end of your hairs and chant katha.
LP Noi had strongly blessed this amulet amount 15 times only in Wax Moon Night.
Experience from this amulet:
After LP made this amulet, many men used this amulet.
They found with real experience about charming from this amulet.
Info of LP Noi:
LP Noi 70 year old is one of famous guru monk of KokPakWhan Buddhist place, SriSaKet Province.
Many people always respect and faith him.