Tuesday, 12 January 2010

LP Goy - Charming Oil Mahamantra Mahasaney Phaya Taykrua

Great Charming oil without usage of Human Corpse.

Material used:
Namman Chang Pasom Khlong,
Namman Pitsavas Jao Choo,
Namman Naree Rum Pung,
Namman Phaya Te Krua, Namman Sao Long,
Namman San Nang Rak
(occur when the elephants has sex and good at Metta Mahaniyom).
Which one you see will love you & enermy will change to like you.
More of love appearance will happen to you.
Pong Mai Garlong Nok Kok Tai Ka Ton (birds are dying on the branches of the trees),
you can find from the forest in Khmer which had all dead birds falling on the floor of the forest.
They believed that it is an auspicious trees that has a lot of charming and bring to be the ingredients in this Namman Montra Mahasaney.
Pong Pong Dok Mai Thong, most animals used to eat at night and bring to mix in this Namman Montra Mahasaney.
Holy wood Guman believe to bring wealth for business.
1 Tukkut Saney Riek Rak.
This Tukkut is known as powerful thing that could help the owner to be always admired and in love.
Great in charming usage for both male and female without have to use human corpse (NMP)
so you can use happily for the one who loves you and you love him.

LP Goy doesnt allowed worshipper to use with the one who already had a partner.

Everyone will turn to love you and the one who hate you will change to love you, too.
Use both the same sex and opposite one.
You should dip it yourself or business location or even take it with himself will be charmed.