Monday, 14 December 2009

Archan NiKom - Ngang Maha Raj

AJ NiKom - Ngang Maha Raj has power about leading to charm, sex appeal, business and success in love relationship and fulfill the worshiper’s wishes to his prayer.

There are many holy masses at the base of Pho Ngang by AJ NiKom such as
1 Holy coffin nail that took from coffin and
2 powerful tiny tukkuts that made the tiny statue strong and
Final ceremony at auspicious timing by himself to anointed the holy powder on every Pho Ngang.

To worship of Pho Ngang,
1st you should offer the below 12 offering items:
1. 7 red flowers
2. 7 incense sticks
3. 7 candles
4. 7 cigarette
5. a bottle of perfume
6. a glass of wine
7. a glass of water
8. cooked rice
9. boiled eggs
10. 1 comb of unripe bananas
11. 4 oranges / 1 coconut / Guave / apples
12. Vetrilai (Betel leaf) with (Betel nut)

Katha to offering/worship Pho Ngang:
Phra Chai Ra cha
Pi Sa La
The Wa Ta
Ma Ha La
Pha Ma Ha Te Cha
Sappha Sineha
Pi Ya Yan Ti
Sap Phe Cha Na
Pha Hu Cha
Kaeo Waen Ngoen thong
Lai Ma The Ma
Chai Ya Racha
Chai Yala Pha
Chai Ya Metta
Chai Ya Sitthi
Pha Wan Tu Wo

Katha to worship Pho Ngang for bringing out :
Chai Ya Racha
Chai Yala Pha
Chai Ya Metta
Chai Ya Su Khang
Ni Ran Tarang
Chai Ya Sitthi
Pha Wan Tu Me