Monday, 30 November 2009

Testimonal - AJ Waroot - 2nd Batch Namman Prai

Hi Bro Charms,

Just updated to you on the arjarn waroot Namman Prai, now i dont need to carry out anymore, i can easily feel them around me.
I dream of them already and wow one of them seem to be a Chio Bu :)
Thanks for the guide on the usage and you are indeed a good barang collector and provide all the info needed and your patient is remarkable.
Keep it up, bro.

thx bro
From KL

Dear charm,

I also feel that this powerfull, but kind a diffrent one...Usually I thought i know to handle the power... But this one damm power is different....The power was very strong, now I alredy can handle it, I follow your instruction….This round you proved to me that NMP do have spirits in.
The katha ver 3
Is the name is meaning the target???