Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LP Swas- Khu Pean Trungnang Lungmasepnang

Best KhunPaenTreungNang with MahSepNang on the Back by LP Swas –
Collect 24 Top Materials and Great Ceremony for This Amulet.

Feature of this amulet:

On the front presents Khun Paen while make a meditation by has 2 Gumanthong PraiFadGaewKwan beside on the left and righ.

NangRamRai Heart takrut on the bottom and surrounding by magic incantation.

On the back presents presents MapSepNang.

Material : There are many holy materials inside this amulet from 2 famous guru monks.-

Materials from LP Swas

1) Nang RamRai Powder

2) YantTreungNang Powder

3) KhunPaenChomTaLad Powder

4) PhraLakNaThong Powder

5) PraiFad Powder

6) PhayaTayKrau Powder

7) RakSon Powder

8) NamMan(Oil) Prai Pissawas

9) Wahn (Herb) SaoLhong

10) Wahn (Herb) JoongNang

11) KreaKhaoLhong Powder

12) Wahn(Herb) DokMaiThong

13) LookSaWat Powder

Materials from KB KiewMa

1) PhaYaInKaew Powder

2) Yant MahSepNang Powder

3) Yant ChangPaSomKhlong Powder

4) Yant JedSaoNoi Powder

5) NangLiew Powder

Also other holy materials as follow:-

1) Lek SiebPhee (Ghost Iron)

2) TaPoo(Nail) TokFhaLong (Coffin)

3) TaPoo(Nail) SangKaWaNorn

4) Ngern PakPhee (Money of Dealth People)

5) DabHak (Crack Sword)

6) Baht Tak (Crack Buddhist Bowl)

This amulet is great for charming from opposite sex.

Real Miracle from this amulet:

After get all materials already, bring all materials and crush together by Phra Arjarn Ray who is close disciple of LP Swas.

While crushing all materials, it found some smoke up on them.