Sunday, May 30, 2010

LP Nen Dam - Namman Maha Phut Kao Nang Prai Pee

2552 LP NenDam - Namman Maha Phut Kao Nang Prai Pee is a great charming oil that can fulfill a worshipper’s wish and bring success in love and sex appeal to worshipper.

LP NenDam created this charming oil in auspicious time and strongly blessed until there is a spirit live in the charming oil with holy materials to create this charming oil such as the
oils from 9 women corpses,
the oil from pregnant woman corpse,
Namman Wahn Dok Thong,
Namman Prai Nang Tanee,
Namman Salika Ling Thong,
Namman Prai Nang Takhian,
Namman Wahn Kai Daeng,
Namman Saney Sao Long,
Namman Hong Prai Chet Nang Jan,
Namman Maha Phut Riak Chit (holy oil),
Phong Tao Kradook Dek
Powder from the bone of child who died in Saturday and cremated in Tuesday