Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Archan Yem - Phra See Sa Lang Ngang

Phra See Sa Lang Ngang was made from many holy masses such as the soils from seven cemeteries, seven watersides.

The scurfs from seven-boundary markers of a temple, bones from seven corpses.
The scurfs from the doors’s palace, holy powder, holy wahns/herbs, mass from top temple around thailand and the other.

Phra See Sa Lang Ngang has many supernatural powers such as bring great charm, sex appeal and success in love to worshiper. Which have great power for protecting the worshiper from dangers and bad thing.
AJ Yem created Phra See Sa Lang Ngang which followed LP Tae’s method.

AJ Yem firmly blessed with specific magic that has power about charm and sex appeal and 1 copper Tukkut in back of the amulet that has power about charming.

Method for worship to Phra See Sa Lang Ngang:
Please dip a little white alcohol on Phra See Sa Lang Ngang for offering.